Server Administration, a division of Syntrio, provides Outsourced Web Hosting Support, Linux Server Management, Windows Server Management, Server Security Services, Networking Solutions and Total Server Management.

We work on a 24/7 environment ensuring that our services are available round the clock any where in the world. Software Development

We have time-proven experience and reputable expertise in the development of custom software and we offer high-quality and high-value software development services to various enterprises round the globe.

We are various web based database applications mainly using Mysql databases.

We are also experienced in developing various custom software applications to aid server management like Server/Service monitoring softwares,softwares to manage and monitor backups, various server management softwares, etc.

Website Designing

We have a team of experienced and talented designers dedicated to design websites and web based solutions for small to medium sized enterprises round the globe. We are here to design your online presence in the most professional and affordable way. Your website is your online presence in the cyber space and we can make it represent the image and identity of your business.

Web Development We do develop websites, web applications, database driven sites, and renovate existing websites.
We offer fully customized web development services based on the client's requirements and their business goals. We make the right use of modern technologies like PHP, Ajax, Flash etc. and high quality of creativity. We develop custom web applications which not only establish easy and effective interaction with your customers but also make you one of the industry leaders.
We can provide you attractive, fast-loading, search engine optimized sites with easy and user-friendly navigation which will reflect your face in the globe.