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Cloud Management

Cloud computing has become the key enabler of digital transformation for any business these days. Innovative and futuristic companies are disrupting the ecosystem by delivering first-class, lucrative and secure application services on-demand. Is your company lagging behind in this race?

Having a Cloud strategy empowers businesses to improve resource utilization, leverage economic flexibility, eliminate complexity and become scalable and agile. Whether it be Public, Private or Hybrid cloud platform, we make sure that the transition is swift without ever affecting your daily affairs and performance.

Our cloud management services help you with initial setup and configuration, active monitoring, cost and performance optimization, unparalleled support and top-notch security. It allows on-demand access to any public cloud infrastructure like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMWare, Google Cloud Engine etc. Our team is also capable in helping you create your own private cloud, meeting your specific needs and requirements.

We help you achieve the most of your cloud by optimizing the cost and quality trade-off in a systematic and efficient manner. By actively monitoring server usage, assigning right servers for right applications and incorporating latest tools and trends, your performance can be boosted tenfold. With our cloud management services and solutions, your enterprise can surely reduce operational costs and get the best performance by all means.

Amazon AWS

We will develop and implement state of the art managed AWS systems for your enterprise helping you to optimize your expenses, ensure security and get full benefits of AWS web services.

Microsoft Azure

Syntrio offers fully managed Microsoft Azure services that features better availability and performance, increased agility and transparency as well as enhanced security and operational quality.


Syntrio can help your enterprise in setting up servers, creating templates, attaching disks and effective utilization of additional services like vSphere, vMotion, vRealise etc.

Google Cloud Engine

Our expertise in configuring and integrating Google Cloud Engine and associated services will help customers work faster, providing an enhanced cloud expertise.