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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a powerful collection of integrated Cloud services including computing, databases, analytics, mobile, storage and networking, enabling your business to build, deploy and manage applications in a rapid fashion. Syntrio offers fully managed Microsoft Azure services that features better availability and performance, increased agility and transparency as well as enhanced security and operational quality. Entrust us with your cloud management requirements and focus completely on innovation and growth.

Managed Azure cloud service by Syntrio not only lets you focus on your core business goals, it also lets you retain control, as if it is managed in house. We will design and implement a long-term strategy for your business that can drastically reduce overhead and increase predictability, with future-proof architecture planning, implementation, operation, optimization and migration. Our team will help you through all aspects of the process starting from setting up server to autoscaling which ensures the required number of server instances are always available.

Syntrio’s cloud first vision combined with our expertise in cloud management services will help your enterprise setup and maintain the innovative digital solutions on the azure platform. Our team will work with you throughout the project offering 24x7 monitoring, testing and performance optimization and devising escalation plans.