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Over the last couple of decades, application development and delivery has evolved into a continuously evolving process. DevOps is the key player in this change, emphasizing and implementing communication and collaboration between software development, product management and operations. DevOps seeks to automate software development, testing, deployment and maintenance by creating a culture where all the software engineering processes happen quickly, frequently and consistently.

Our DevOps services will help your enterprise move from agile development to agile delivery by bringing in people, process and technology transformation together. Through a successful implementation of DevOps, we will enable you to deliver business values to the customer in a rapid manner. Syntrio can serve as the right partner for your company in implementing a successful DevOps strategy by creating synergy between your teams and standardizing the process and technology. It thus enables you to achieve system thinking, rapid feedback and continuous improvement.

Syntrio helps your enterprise to adopt DevOps across its people, process and technology. We will help you to increase collaboration between stakeholders, thereby increasing productivity. Our services span across Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Testing Automation, Release Automation as well as the open source tools available in the ecosystem. We will help you build an integrated process model and implement an effective strategy incorporating all domains from requirement analysis to value delivery.

Configuration Management

Avail our software configuration management services and we will help you maintain control over software developed, ensuring the ability to recreate them effectively and efficiently during recovery scenarios.

Continuous Integration

Syntrio’s continuous integration services help our customers to review the existing CI and implement a modified strategy offering control over software developed, ensuring the ability to make the process of integration bug-free and increase transparency. 

Testing Automation

Our Quality Assurance group contains experienced automation test engineers, who know ‘when, what and how to automate’. Our services will help you automate unit testing, functional testing and will lessen your workload tremendously.

Release Automation

With our automated release management services, we will help you in installing and setting up tools best suited for your organization and help your DevOps team convey applications quickly and with higher quality.

Open Source Services

With full access and control over source code, we will assemble everything based on your business needs and in a scalable fashion. Contact us and we will help you leverage the power and possibilities of open source.